Janet Ritter ~ (419) 826-9146


Certified in Relaxation Massage


Wedding Officiant

Ashley Braatz - (419) 320-0503


Kyla Rameriz - (567) 395-3180


The Staff at Studio 101 is dedicated to giving the best in our salon services.  As professionals we are educated in our field to advise our clients of what is in their best interest.  Consultation and communication are imperative in achieving the results both expect. 


We will, within our boundaries as professionals, try to give you the service you request as long as it does not compromise the integrity of the hair, skin, or nails.  Therefore, some request may not be fulfilled for various reasons.  MEDICATION, WELL WATER, AND HOME COLORING AFFECT CHEMICAL SERVICE RESULTS.  


We stand by our work and want your satisfaction.  PLEASE, let us know before you leave the salon if we have fallen short of those expectations and we will make the necessary arrangements to correct the service at no extra charge.


All services are performed with a limited guaranteed. NO CASH REFUNDS.  


Salon Policy: No Show Appointments will be required to provide a credit card for future appointments. A 48-hour cancellation notice is appreciated. We provide complimentary consultations. 50% deposit will be required to secure an appointment. NO DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED IF YOU HAVE YOU HAVE THE SERVICE ON THE DAY OF CONSULTATION. Thank you.


We appreciate your patronage and strive for everyone’s satisfaction.  

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